Whats an orgasim feel like

whats an orgasim feel like

What Having a Male Orgasm Really Feels Like, According to 20 Men

Mar 29,  · “For me, an orgasm feels like overwhelming warmth to start. I can suddenly feel every nerve ending, and everything below the belt is emphasized. Then, Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. May 04,  · Meet the Season 2 Cast of Netflix's 'The Circle' 39 Women Describe What an Orgasm Feels Like to Them “It's like an electrical current running directly through my vagina." .

If you ask 17 women "What does an orgasm feel like? Whags like every body is different, every orgasm whats an orgasim feel like different, but they all have one thing in common: They feel good.

Whether from partnered sex or masturbation, there are few things that hit the spot as much as achieving orgasm. The way orgasms feel varies from person to person. Here, we asked 17 women what an orgsim feels like and here's what they had to say. It's all-consuming and euphoric. The kind of sneeze that you can sense building up for a while, and then how to find properties owned by someone happens and is just the most satisfying sneeze and you hope you have to sneeze again.

And just how to fixing a broken heart you think you can't take it anymore, suddenly all that tension is released and pulses throughout your body. It's the best relief. It doesn't work if you're distracted, at least not for me.

Usually it leaves my whole body shaking and I can't stand up for a few minutes. It's a sense of sensual release that you find yourself having no control over and letting yourself go because it's just too damn good. An earth-shattering female orgasm is one of a kind.

That feeling of bliss and taste of deliciousness? That's what an orgasm feels like. Studies suggest that orgasms can actually benefit your health. Orgasms trigger the release of dopamine, endorphins, and oxytocinwhich, in addition to making you feel amazing, have also been shown to lower blood pressure. Women what are earned income credits masturbate to orgasm also whsts having higher self-esteem than women who don't, leading to better overall mental health.

Orgasms have even been shown to have positive effects on the gut healthimproving digestion, decreasing bloating and ameliorating the negative effects of anxiety and depression. Over half of American adults say they masturbate one to four times orgaslm week, according to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behaviormaking it an easy orgasum popular way to reap the health benefits of fsel orgasm.

Another huge ffeel Better sleep. Jennifer Bermanurologist and sexual health expert. It can help to relieve pain in the body. It can even relieve menstrual cramps. Shailene Woodley said it best when she talked about the importance of young women learning about masturbation. By Cheryl Wischhove r. What Is an Orgasm? Keywords female orgasm orgasm sexual health orgasms.

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Aug 24,  · An orgasm feels different for everyone, but there are some common experiences like heavy breathing, body vibrations, and sweating. Orgasms can Occupation: Associate Editor. Aug 25,  · During an orgasm, genital muscles will contract, heart rate will increase, and your genitals fill with blood. While your body is working hard to make you feel good, your brain is Estimated Reading Time: 6 mins. Jan 07,  · “An orgasm feels like electric dominoes are falling down in different directions under your skin.” “It's a buildup of tension that arches your back and curls your toes, almost like a clenching Author: Vera Papisova.

Yes, yes. Before we get semi-surface-level-knee-deep into this thing, let me just say that, if there are two times in life when the same response is probably annoying as hell to the people who personally can't relate, it would have to be when it comes to being in love and having an orgasm. And what reply am I referring to specifically? It's when someone asks, "So, how do you know when it's actually happened? On the climax tip, I get that, if you've never truly been to the mountaintop before, hearing that answer isn't really offering up much help although there is a ton of truth in that statement.

And so, whether you've never had sex before and you're curious if that's you, please check out " Here's How Your First Time Having Sex Can Still Affect You " or you've had a fair share of sexual experiences but things are still unclear as far as whether you've had as much fun as everyone else, I'm gonna try and break down how you can know that you've had an orgasm before. Get your glass of wine and sit back. So, Really—What Is an Orgasm? I'm not really sure how I can truly be "'bout it" when it comes to this kind of topic without divulging some of my own past sexual journey.

When it came to my first healthy orgasm I was sexually molested as a child and teenager, which is why I phrase it that way; we'll have to dive into the layers of that another time , I was in college—and it was with myself.

My first boyfriend also came into my life my freshman year. He was younger than I was I didn't know that until we got arrested together for his cousin having a gun in my car; also another story for another time , so neither one of us really knew what we were doing.

We continued to talk off and on throughout the years and, honestly, looking back, I think a part of what kept us holding on, is we both wanted a sexual do-over.

He ain't ugly by any stretch and neither am I. Sometimes, you just…wonder. Anyway, it wasn't until a professor in college said, "How can you get a man to please you when you don't even know how to please yourself? And when I compared that to the intercourse I was experiencing with my boyfriend, yes—I definitely knew when I had my first orgasm and he definitely wasn't in the picture.

Ever since my early college years and experiencing sexual instances when I truly felt like my body was gonna explode, I know, without question, that I've had an orgasm before. At this point in my life, many times over too. I think the best way to describe it, without it looking like a science paper, is to say that an orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual tension that comes as the result of rhythmic contractions that occur within your uterus, pelvic floor and vagina—all at the same time.

Excitement: Which is when you're aroused typically during foreplay and then blood starts to rush to your genital region.

It's also when there is an increase of testosterone, dopamine and serotonin in your system which makes you feel warm and stimulated. Plateau: This is when sexual tension builds, right up to the point where you feel a mixture of thinking you might have to pee that's the best way to describe it, I think and you having very little control over yourself. When you hear people on movies doing all of the yelling 'n stuff? It's usually right at this point. Orgasm: This is when the contractions come.

They aren't painful like when a woman is giving birth. They feel really good—and a bit overwhelming. The warmth that you started to feel during the excitement phase then spreads all throughout your body, a huge release transpires and you finally are able to catch your breath and start to resume a regular breathing pattern.

As far as how long orgasms last, the average is somewhere between seconds a piece I say, "a piece" because some people can have multiple orgasms. OK, so now that you know what an orgasm is, let me just briefly go back over what some of the signs are that you've had one:. Now that you know what an orgasm is from a technical standpoint, it's important that I reiterate that orgasms don't only happen via intercourse.

I've already shared that my first ones came from masturbation and receiving oral sex. The two things that both of these acts have in common is the focus is put on stimulating my clitoris including my clitoral hood. So, the first thing to keep in mind—and it truly can't be stated enough—is it's important to know the difference between an orgasm and a vaginal orgasm.

If you've experienced many of the things that I've described, then there's still a good chance that you've had one before. However, it's the vaginal one that can give women a bit of trouble; around 70 percent of women , to be exact. Why is that? A lot of medical and sex experts believe that, physically, it may be tied into the fact that the closer a woman's clitoris is to her vaginal opening, the easier it is for her to experience a vaginal orgasm.

That makes sense if you think about the fact that it's our clit, not our vagina, that stimulates us the most. So basically, this means that probably the main reason why a lot of women don't have vaginal orgasms is due to how their body is naturally designed if their clitoris is able to be directly stimulated during intercourse —not because anything is necessarily "wrong" with them.

Yet what if you're one of those kinds of people who doesn't like being told "no", in any area and so, you're simply not content with accepting that maybe you should shift your focus on having orgasms period and not just a vaginal one? In walks my final point for today. I write about orgasms a lot. I really do think that striving for an orgasm period, should be the greater goal, but if you want to give having a vaginal orgasm a more intentional shot, here are five things that you can do.

Try some orgasmic meditation. Stress is the enemy of, just about everything. And the reality is that one of the main reasons why a lot of us have a hard time climaxing is because we have a really difficult time relaxing. If you can relate, something that can help is something that is known as orgasmic meditation.

In short, it's when you and your partner practice a form of "mindful touching". You get quiet, you deep breathe and he intentionally focuses on stroking your clitoris as a form of an erotic build-up. Think of it as meditative edging. It's erotic AF while also extremely calming at the same time.

Bring more foreplay into the mix. On average, men can climax within five minutes while it takes us somewhere between A lot of that time has very little to do with the orgasm itself; it's all about getting to the excitement part that we talked about earlier. What helps that to happen is foreplay. All sexual positions serve a purpose, but certain ones can accomplish certain goals quicker than others. When it comes to trying to have a vaginal orgasm, some of the positions that can help you to best achieve your goal include the reverse cowgirl it's a great way for your partner's penis to stimulate your clitoris during penetration ; being on your side he can rub your clitoris during penetration ; what I call the "cat position" it's just like doggy style but you're on your stomach rather than on your knees; deeper penetration can happen that way ; the chest bump which is when you're in the missionary position but your arch your back while being thrusted; it angles your clitoris to touch his shaft and, when your legs are over his shoulders again…deeper penetration.

Have an emotional connection. If you go to your favorite search engine and you put " married sex is best" in the search field, you'll see quite a few links to articles on why sex is best when you're in a long-term and fully committed relationship. A big part of why is because you can fully trust your partner with your desires, your fantasies, your vulnerabilities, what has worked and has not worked in the past. Listen, you can have good mechanical sex with a whole lot of people.

But even the most sexually active or sexually cynical person will vouch for the fact that when there's an emotional connection with the person you're "engaging with", sex really doesn't get much better than that—physically or otherwise.

Don't overthink it. It's kinda crazy that so many of us overthink when, more times than not, all that really does is create problems that don't exist. When it comes to trying to have a vaginal orgasm, please never let it leave your mind that your partner enjoying you as you enjoy them should be the main focal point.

If you chill out, relax and let things naturally happen as your clitoris is getting well taken care of , you've got a far greater chance of having one than if you worry about "getting there" all of the time. Orgasms are wooooooooooonderful. Don't let anyone tell you that they're not.

But you are still a sexy, beautiful, amazing woman whether you have one or you don't—vaginal or not. Keep that in mind and watch how many fireworks go off for you. Most likely when you least expect them to…too. Shellie R. Warren is a lover of quotes, lip gloss , graphic t-shirts, silver jewelry and Pumas. She's an author with two published books thus far on matters of the heart.

In fact, was the year anniversary of her first release ' Inside of Me: Lessons of Lust, Love and Redemption ' she's seriously mulling over penning a sequel to it and marks her year anniversary of being a mostly full-time writer.

Aside from that, when Shellie's not tellin' all her business, she's helping couples marriage life coach or assisting with birthing babies doula. Her byline is all over cyberspace, but where you won't find her is on social media. Like anywhere. At all. If you need to hit her up, she's usually reachable at missnosipho at gmail. Much appreciated. Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey sent the internet up earlier this year when they decided to claim each other on the 'gram. And you know what they say: it's not official until it's on the world wide web.

We've all seen the pictures, we've all heard the stories. Now, we're excited to see where they go from here. MBJ is notorious for keeping his personal life under wraps, Lori, eh, not so much. The world has had so much to say about each, to the point where our boy is finally talking about it. In a recent interview with People , the actor opened up about why Harvey changed his mind about keeping everything off-line. Rumors about Harvey and Jordan's relationship began circulating last year after the two were spotted together during the holiday season in Atlanta, as well as in Salt Lake City.

Since, the couple has flaunted their union on social media time and time again. She, lovingly refers to him as "turtle," she calls him "Nugget. They've also made headlines after the model shared snapshots of their lavish Valentine's Day celebration at a rented out, exclusive Georgia Aquarium, for a private tour and seafood dinner from the Japanese restaurant Nobu.

I ask usually around about p. Anyway, we need to give MBJ some flowers for his growth on the subject , because just a few years ago, he was not with his personal life being out here on front street, and he even admitted that dating has always taken a backseat to his career.

He told GQ:. Either way, we're happy that his acknowledges his growth in the dating department, as he is highly, and I mean highly, praised by everyone around.

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