How to set up rei half dome 2 tent

how to set up rei half dome 2 tent

REI Half Dome 2 Tent- Instructional Video

Jan 22,  · I'm showing you how easy it is to set up the REI Half Dome 2 tent in 5 minutesHere is a video on how to roll up your tent: Jul 07,  · REI Half Dome 2+ Backpacking Tent Setup in 2 MinutesMusic: BensoundFeaturesPlus sizing provides more room via an extended floor plan; it's 10 in.

The Camp Dome 2 is a freestanding double-walled tent designed for two people, with separate side doors, one for each occupant. Each door can be rolled back for maximum ventilation and what is slatron pool table a separate screen window which can be zipped close to block blowing rain or wind in bad weather. Setup is super simple with two multi-segment, shock corded aluminum poles that cross over the top of the swt tent. The rain fly drapes over the poles and clips into the same corners as the inner tent, while a cross pole slots into pockets in the fly and hooks over the top.

With a little practice, you tl easily set it up in under 2 minutes, even in the glare of car headlamps if you get to a campsite late at night. Unlike most inexpensive tents, the Camp Dome 2 comes with aluminum poles, which are far more durable than the fiberglass poles that are sold with many tents sold in big box stores. In dry and calm weather, you can also pull back the rain fly for even more air flow and stargazing through the mesh roof transom. There are also two mesh side pockets located across from one another in the interior for storing personal effects.

The REI Camp Dome 2 is an excellent two-person, freestanding car camping or basecamp gei with two side doors for easy entrance and exit. While best used for car camping, the Camp Dome 2 weighs just 4 pounds 2 ounces, which is lightweight enough to be used for basecamping or short backpacking trips.

Highly recommended. I was thinking the same thing as Bill about the weight of this tent. It was still fairly light for its time and features, though. Like I said, this is a best buy. It now lives in the trunk of my car. When I go out to do through hiking, doing day ha,f day of miles per day, then even one pound will make its presence felt and I try to stay below 25 lbs with three days food hzlf a liter of water.

They may not be the lightest or cheapest or most innovative, but they always are fairly hald, are pretty low cost and have a couple what is a salt water pool nice features. I got a single back in Q-dome T1??? I thought that feature was really great, as you had all sorts of elbow room when you sat up to get dressed in the morning, and I still miss it in all my subsequent 1-P tents.

I may odme just found my canoe camping tent. Our new Camp Dome arrived this week. Except for perhaps that cross-fly pole, it is extremely easy to set up.

Second try, we put the pole ends into the pockets how to set up rei half dome 2 tent each side of the fly and how to set up rei half dome 2 tent put the fly on. That worked, though I rri to assume rome the big hook at the top of the tent inner is supposed to fit over all three poles. It sort of does. Did you some this?

I think I inserted the cross pole in the two end sleeves and laid it on top of the tent relying on the corner guy-outs to hold it in place. Not sure if I hooked it with the big hook or not.

What is austria known for way should work fine I think. Any advice would be much appreciated! Try pressuring it to bend slightly it slightly. For those who are interested in the long-game, the weak link in the construction is the zippers.

If you use this tent every single night hwlf about two years, the zippers will begin to bind and ultimately foul and fail. This is not a fault of the Camp Dome design, it is a fault of most zippers. That is because an experienced outdoorsman is going to place their gear inside the tent where they can get at it but where the spiders, fire ants, ticks and snakes rrei. Vestibules for gear storage yo a feature which appeals to the inexperienced.

Likewise I have heard complaints that the awnings over the windows permit wind-blown rain to hit the dme. If this is the case, you might want to face the narrow side of the tent with the double-wall into the wind rather than the broad side of your tent.

For those who are wondering how the hook at the roof peak is supposed to work, it only serves to pull the roof up for an extra inch of clearance in the interior. One thing I forgot. REI also sells an optional footprint designed gent for the Camp Dome 2. This footprint is not really an option, it is a necessity for any tent. You need that vapor barrier. The ground is not your friend at night. Get the footprint, or make one out gent thick plastic but make sure that it is slightly smaller than the floor, all the way around.

Maybe, Bobby, but use cases vary quite a bit. So the tarp does just fine. I guarantee it. And lightweight srt in general are often pretty fit people. I would agree that my needs as a vagabond are more specialized.

Doke myself, the tent is the house. That makes my pack sit around fifty pounds, plus I also carry an acoustic guitar separately. You probably make rel look like the baggage train and you would be right, I am fond of my comforts. But How to watch my cctv cameras online have plenty of room for a Camp Dome 2, doe love my flavor and one morning I woke up with a slug trail across my mouth.

Never going back. I rome my comforts, too! Have fun out there! Your email address will not be published. Subscribe to our newsletter. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive the latest gear reviews, guides, and FAQs. Opt-out at any time. No Spam domme BS.

REI has stopped making the Camp Dome 2. We recommend checking out the REI Groundbreaker 2 which is very similar in design and price. Compare 1 Prices. Amazon US. Previous Backpacking a 2Moose Loop. Bill August 2, at am. Sazerac August 2, at am. Philip Werner August 2, at am. JMR August 2, at pm. How to break down body fat quickly Fahlgren August 2, at pm.

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Locate the orange grommets on the roof of the tent and attach the grommets to the ends of the ridge pole. Attach the clips located along the tent body to the poles to completely form the tent. Use a rock to hammer stakes through the ground loops on the tent body. Place the fly on top of the tent. I had some questions about setting up an (older, original) Half Dome 2 tent I inherited. QUESTION #1: The instructions for the fly include: step 2. "Connect fly to tent poles by attaching hook-and-loop wraps at the guyout points" step 3. "At each corner, slip fly-tab grommet onto pole tip. Then ti. This tent does not have the ability to set up the tent pole structure without the tent, so you cannot set up the fly first then add the tent underneath. If you want to set up the fast pitch without the tent body, you need to purchase the accessory Half Dome SL 2+ footprint separately/5(28).

Do you ever find yourself searching for an awesome backpacking tent but quickly get overwhelmed by the wallet-punishing price? Are you tired of feeling like a caged Gore-Tex covered animal inside a claustrophobic ultralight shelter? For years now the REI Half Dome tent series has been an essential shelter system for backpackers looking for consistent quality, performance, and a more forgiving price tag. The REI Half Dome 2 Plus tent has received a healthy makeover this year and I recently took it to the mountains of Pakistan to see what this tent is really made of.

Already a favorite tent choice of mine for years, the new and improved Half Dome 2 Plus is flush with cool features, and crucially… it is still being offered at a reasonable price point.

If the REI Half Dome tent series has piqued your interests, all the information that you need to know in order to make an informed purchase decision is now in your trail-dust covered hands.

So what makes the Half Dome 2 Plus so special? Read on to find out if the juice is worth the squeeze. Learn more about the Half Dome 2 Plus key features, weight, pole configuration, livability and interior specs, breathability and ventilation, competitor comparison, and much more. Here are some of the questions this Half Dome 2 Plus review will answer:.

At the end of the day, how a tent performs in the field is what matters most. Seasoned backpackers should always be wary of a piece of gear priced too low for obvious reasons. Cheap tents are made with cheap material and they have about the same shelf life as a pint of moldy raspberries. The floor plan gives a generous REI has had so much success with the livability of this tent that they now exclusively offer the Half Dome tent series in plus models only. Whether you are a larger individual or not, everyone can appreciate a little more personal space.

There is plenty of room for two full-sized sleeping pads and then some, which is one of the main reasons why this tent is so popular; there is room to breathe. When the time comes to change clothes, the verticle sidewalls provide more than enough wiggle room to change out of your hiking gear, even for people with long torsos since the height of the tent maxes out at 44 inches. The obvious drawback is simple. With more room comes more weight and the purist ultralight backpacker would probably rather carry more energy gels, chocolate donuts, and ramen noodles in their pack than the excess weight found in the Half Dome 2 Plus.

For ultralight backpackers, the Half Dome 2 Plus is probably not for you. More on this subject later in the article. If having a little more space and comfort is important to you, then you are likely to not find another tent in the two-person category that will serve your needs more efficiently or at a better price. When you first climb inside the Half Dome 2 Plus, the first thing that you notice is the abundance of pockets. I personally love pockets as I seem to always need a place to organize my gadgets, toiletries, and other miscellaneous gear kit.

For chronic organizers like myself, having this many pockets to work with is like a dream come true. So very practical, REI. Thanks for that. There are handy mesh pockets found in every corner, as well as multiple ceiling pockets situated within arms reach. The spacious vestibule areas outside each door provides additional storage for things like your trekking boots and backpack.

In fine weather, the panels upon panels of the transparent mesh provide for excellent unobstructed star and landscape viewing whilst giving stellar airflow. Which brings us to my next point: tent ventilation. Tent breathability is crucial for many reasons. Without decent airflow, condensation can build up and the dreaded tent drips can make you feel like you are being waterboarded by some cruel invisible torturer. The engineers over at REI must have had an extra something special in their coffee the morning they decided to work on ventilation.

The vents are propped up by a stiff velcro tipped anchor, allowing the vents to hold their position, even in case of high winds. If you are camping out in a hot place, the doors can be rolled back as I mentioned to provide a nice cross breeze. If you have a good sleeping bag and the weather is stable, I strongly recommend sleeping in the tent without the rainfly on as in addition to all of the fresh air you will breathe the views from inside the tent have the potential to be epic.

In cold or windy weather, I suggest closing most of the vents leaving at least one open to avoid any chilly drafts coming in. Usually, this is the section of the review where I regretfully crush your tent-owning dreams by telling you that the awesome tent that you are so interested in will cost more than you can afford. But what a glorious day it is! The Half Dome 2 Plus tent is probably the best value backpacking tent that money can by.

In backpacker gear land, prices for certain big-ticket items like tents can be cost-prohibitive. What I really appreciate about REI is their long track record of producing quality products at an accessible price point.

For the average backpacker accessibility to quality gear is key to getting people outside, which in the end, is what it is all about. Quick Answer : Packaged Weight: 5 lbs. That said, most people backpacking with the Half Dome 2 Plus are not doing so solo. What helps to reduce the load of this comfy but heavy tent? Sharing is caring my friends. In order to help lessen your on-trail carry weight, I suggest dividing the tent parts between yourself and a partner.

One person can carry the tent poles and rainfly and the other can carry the tent body and ground stakes. Easy as. The answer is quite simple. REI clearly valued and prioritized comfort and toughness overweight. More expensive ultralight backpacking tents achieve their status by being constructed with thinner, less-durable materials.

They also do not have the same interior spaciousness, because with more space comes more weight. Once packed, the tent can still feel quite bulky and cumbersome to place inside of a backpack even a 70 liter. When I carried this tent by myself I kept the poles out of the stuff sack so that I could more easily fit the whole tent inside of my backpack without taking up heaps of space. The best place to pack the tent poles is along the inside of the frame of the backpack.

But is this thing waterproof? If you have ever purchased a tent with great excitement only to find yourself soaked after a rainstorm, then you know how much that sucks. Good news! Another advantage of the Half Dome 2 Plus is that it is a legit waterproof shelter. Again, the designers did not choose the lightest rainfly material, but the did create a rainfly that will keep you dry even when the sky spills torrential buckets from within its clouds.

If you set the tent up correctly and close the air vents obviously , you will find that the tent sheds water with great efficiency. The Half Dome 2 Plus is not totally immune to the weather, however. When I was testing this tent in Northern Pakistan, we were blessed with mostly excellent weather conditions. That said, one night around 15, feet the Karakoram wind rolled in and the tent transformed from a quiet spacious cocoon to a noisy rustling nylon beast that disturbed my sleep a little bit.

I never worried about the tent breaking as the poles seem to have fine flex. Still, though, keep in mind that the Half Dome 2 Plus is a three-season tent which does have limits of what sort of climatic beating it can take. The floor of the tent body is made from denier taffeta nylon and the rainfly fabric is denier nylon.

The main vulnerability is the mesh fabric of the tent body. This can easily snag and tear on a thorny bush or a sharp rock. Take extra care not to drag the tent body over something sharp when setting it up or packing it away. REI recently upgraded the tent pole construction to DAC Pressfit aluminum as well so that they are tougher and more reliable than previous models. If something is not fitting properly, take a step back and have a look at what you are doing.

Make sure everything is in the right place. Forcing a pole into the wrong spot is a recipe for damaging or even breaking the pole. This is common sense really but it never hurts to emphasize this again.

Any easy way to extend the floor life of the tent is to purchase a footprint. Not only will the footprint act as a barrier to surface damage, but it will also help keep rainwater from penetrating the tent from underneath. Getting the tent body staked and pitched takes only two or three minutes. The extra time is including getting the guylines on the rainfly all set up as well.

This tent features a color-coded, single-pole system which makes it super easy to set up, even for people new to backpacking. Each pole tip fits into the appropriate grommet located in each corner of the tent body. The clips found along the ridges of the tent body are then clipped onto the poles, giving the tent its shape and rigidity. The orange ridgepole comes across the center and clips into two grommets to complete the tent pitch. The rainfly is super easy to set up as well.

One improvement from previous Half Dome designs is that the rainfly now features buckles that snap directly to the tent body. This makes tensioning the tent super quick as well. All you need to do is make sure that the doors of the rainfly are oriented with the doors of the tent body, pop in the rainfly grommets found on the underside to the tent ridgepole and buckle everything in from the four corners. Be sure to connect the buckles last, otherwise, you may have a hard time getting everything to line up properly.

It is worth packing a few extra stakes so that you can properly stake out all of the guy lines as well. By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how this baby stacks up to other backpacking tents in a general sense.

When considering your options, it is important to decide exactly what you want out of a backpacking tent. If you want something ultralight for any serious backpacking adventure, then the Half Dome 2 Plus may not be for you. Going to hike the Appalachian Trail? When it comes to competitors. The Zoic also weighs a bit less at 4 lbs.

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