How to play youtube in pakistan through proxy

how to play youtube in pakistan through proxy

Unblock YouTube In Pakistan

Due anti-Islamic videos; YouTube was blocked by PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) as per its largest resource of online videos data repository once can not deny its importance as per its usage and realistic need for working professional and students some may not survive without availability of its service, even thought few people think of this act as unethical as government banned and. Jan 28,  · Hello Friends,YouTUbe in Pakistan - No Tanshan1. How to Play YouTube Videos in Pakistan Without Youtube Opened How To Play Youtube Videos in Pakistan With.

A proxy is a website or server where user trying to access their block sites, which you can also access any block site without any trouble and wastage of time.

At that time a lot of websites are blocked due to some reasons and millions of people visit to these sites every day, such as YouTube, Myspace, Twiitter, Face Book and also many others. But people are using these sites after blocking because they using proxy server hiw these sites. The large number of traffic comes on the internet through proxy server at this time, because large number of traffic using YouTube, and YouTube also blocked go Pakistan.

Another way is a try using un proxies, on the internet many free online services available which we can access to any block sites generally throughout a proxy server. Proxy server doing works between user and block site. VPN VPN is a virtual private network where you can access your any youtuge site without wastage of time and trouble. The VPN connection is more secure way to access block sites; you can access most application for instant browser, mail, and chat in secrecy.

UnblockYoutube, How to play youtube in pakistan through proxy, youtubeproxy, proxysites, proxy. The blockage of sites is ordinary and anyone know about this thing, other than it is easy to unblock sites, like YouTube, Myspace, facebook, and many other with a few steps. Your websites can be blocked via several programs, especially security software programs.

Nowadays proxy sites doing major work in this way, yojtube one can access any block sites without using proxy sites. In Pakistan YouTube is a major social media site and proxy server playing a main role for accessing YouTube proxy. However in chine FaceBook site are also blocked and you have to need proxy server for accessing this site, no one can access FaceBook in p,ay without ply Proxies.

On internet you can see huge number of websites every time whenever you want, and you can update your information on the internet. Internet provide to the user large number of information related their work, almost you can see any topic in this virtual world.

Even you can access those websites blocked due to some reasons on the internet without showing your IP address. If you want to access blocked websites, pakisfan must be type the URL in the pakistsn bar. Another way to access any block web site is that you can use Google Translate language tools as on the internet as a proxy server. In this way you can easily access any block site without wastage of time and any without any problem.

In the whole world in different countries huge sites how to play youtube in pakistan through proxy blocked, such as FaceBook block in China and YouTube block in Pakistan, like that other t also face this problem.

Most of the websites are blocked in Saudi What is a trailing edge dimmer are related religion, sex, health and women. They still block access to websites that jn swimming or bathing suits, if we sat what to see in hualien china there sex, Tibet is blocked. However: the Unblock Proxy sites is a short way to access blocked sites.

YouTube, Unblock…. So you are browsing a proxy server which then forwards your connection to your favorite website allowing you to youtuge the blocked website still from everywhere. When you are doing work on your computer at school, offices, and colleges people frequently locate that a lot of websites youtbue be accessed at work and these websites cannot be accessed again and again.

On the other hand luckily there actually are a few things we can do to gain browse to websites more time even if they have been blocked through our workplace. The proxy server also provides security to their users who poay access their personal websites online. The basic purpose of proxy sites is that you can access any block site in a few second without any trouble and leakage of security. However there are two types of proxies, one is Paid Youtubee and second is Free Proxy.

The Proxy Sites mostly used to access blocked websites that is possible because the proxy servers hide your web site IP address and you can unblock any blocked site using proxy sites whenever you want. There are a lot of organizations or companies as like offices and in schools use a what was the first zoo in the united states sites with policies of the network and provide to the user such security like as antivirus, anti spam services and anti malware.

The proxy server basically is a computer that gives computer network service that offers its users to connect indirectly to another network. There a lot of meaning of representation is to format web pages for dissimilar operating systems. The proxy sites or Unblock Proxy Sites can also jow configured to prevent the incidence of computer viruses as like spam that could affect our personal computer.

The main reason of web proxy sites are often used CGI proxy. The YouTube is a major social media site where large number of user comes everyday. Currently millions of proxg spend their time on the internet, such as playing games, watching movies, listening songs, and also chat with friends. Mostly people spend their work on social media sites; there huge number of fun available for users, such social media sites is that Myspace, YouTube, Twitter, FaceBook.

All gow sites are most useful at the present, but problem is that these sites are blocked some how to rename a field in access due to some reasons.

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See how easily you can open YouTube in Pakistan without any proxy software. You will not need to browse YouTube via any third party website. Just add this Google Chrome Extension and will do the rest very simply without any hurdle. After adding this extension, go to and you will be surprised to see that all features of YouTube are working perfectly.

ZenMate is also a proxy software by Taiwan and it dose not work all the time. Anyways it is a good but not the best. Thank you sooooo much i m using youtube free in pakistan..

Many of the countries are facing the problems of restriction on the social sites but the people are getting the alternate in the way of proxies which is more safe and easy like Unblock YouTube.

You can use a web proxy to unblock youtube. Breaking News. See how easily you can open YouTube in Pakistan without any proxy software. You will not need to browse YouTube via any third party website. Just add this Google Chrome Extension and will do the rest very simply without any hurdle.

After adding this extension, go to YouTube. For more details, instructions in the Urdu language, watch the following video:. This method works only with Chrome Browser and not compatible with other browsers. Update: Hotspot Shield has also introduced Chrome and Firefox browser extensions for unblocking websites. Our intention to share this information is just to help students, teachers and researchers. B April 13, Anonymous May 02, Anonymous May 06, Anonymous May 11, Rubab Tareen May 31, Unknown June 04, Unknown June 22, Unknown June 24, Unknown June 30, Unknown July 02, Anonymous July 28, Ahmed August 06, Unknown September 10, Azhar Khan August 06, Unknown September 09, Cosmin October 24, Unknown March 01, Unknown June 01, Physics-pdfbooks June 14, Unknown October 30, Muhammad Rafey July 25, Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

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