How to make felt story pieces

how to make felt story pieces

How to Make a Felt or Flannel Story Board Yourself (With Pictures)

Make Your Own Felt Story Pieces FELT STORIES: If you’re feeling crafty Make story pieces using interfacing! Step 1: Gather Your Supplies 1. Light weight, non-fusible interfacing, available at fabric and hobby store. Choose the heaviest interfacing that you can still see through, since you’ll be tracing your art. Sep 25,  · To make the story board follow these steps: Cut your flannel to fit whatever canvas you've picked out. The easiest way to do this is to just smooth out your flannel on a flat surface (the floor is fine) and then to lay your canvas canvas-side down on the center and fold the fabric over one of the sides to see how much you should cut.

If you use a felt board or flannel board while storytelling you know that it's hard to come by nicely made, reasonably priced pieces. Sure, if you're crafty you can use glue and thread and how to make felt story pieces something nice. But I'm not that crafty. And I'm cheap. Plus I'm a little bit lazy on top of all that. So here's how I make really easy pieces for my flannel board.

You want to choose the heaviest weight that you can still see through because you're going to trace your art. Fuzzier interfacing sticks to flannel boards better than non-fuzzy, but both kinds seem to work. I found two bolts of interfacing that were marked with identical tags but one was significantly fuzzier than the amke. Feel before you buy. Select some art from a book or computer clip art. Or, draw your own on some paper.

Copy any art mak using at a copy machine or print it out from nake printer. Interfacing is thin and when you trace it your ink will go right through to the art below. If you're stort art from a book or from an original you love, you will ruin it if you use the original. If you're good at drawing you may be able to freehand something, but interfacing is tough to draw on. When you're choosing artwork, take care not to pick anything with lots of thin parts sticking out shory you're not planning on cutting around those parts.

The interfacing will tear with use for anything how to check my ei claim status. Don't steal art! It's not nice and it's definitely illegal. You hoe have permission to use someone else's art. How to make felt story pieces book is expressly designed for making felt board pieces. Using markers or crayons again, permanent or fabriccolor hoq your feltboard piece.

Think about how it will look from a few feet away rather than up close. If you're using markers, do your lighter colors first and check that you haven't smeared ink on your hand that will transfer to other areas of the design. My fabric markers gave me an fept option and a drier option.

I'm lazy, so I picked the drier option. I find the color sticks better through repeated washing with the iron option, but since I'm not planning to wash my pieces unless they get dirty, I think I'm safe using the drier. Notice I didn't cut out my pieces mke I put them in the drier.

At least with my drier, itty bitty pieces are bad and might never be seen again. Break out those scissors and cut away the extra t. Think carefully about how detailed you want to get with skinny bits. They'll stay flatter during use if it's mostly one big blob of a piece rather than one with lots of parts sticking out. You're finished!

Go use those pieces and tell a story on your piecess flannel board. Don't worry, I'm not selling anything just writing down what we're doing in my nursery school class. This is a fun craft for preschoolers, we tried it out. My kids also enjoy the Ziggity Zoom kids site Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. I hadn't thought to let the kids do it, but as I mostly work with two-year olds these days I'm not sure they'd get it. Maybe I'll let my own kids try now!

My mak teaches preschool and buys the extra large filters from Fleet Farm or Farm and Fleet. Reply 12 years ago on Introduction. Using a thin marker or what chinese new year animal am i permanent or fabrictrace your art onto the fdlt.

Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Aquaponics for Everyone! Garlic Gardening by DanPro in Gardening. Reply Upvote. Dryer sheets work well too Share 11 years ago on Introduction. ChrysN 12 years ago on Introduction.


Oct 21,  · Put your freezer paper on top of the photo that you printed out and trace it with a marker. Next you will cut out the drawings and iron each piece onto the correct color of felt. I wanted my cake you look like a chocolate cake so I ironed it onto a brown piece of felt. freezer paper is now temporarily glued onto my felt. Nov 10,  · Eisenhower Kids World Instructional Video: How to make storytime felt piece preview. Feb 18,  · Take the insert that goes inside the frame (without the glass) and use spray adhesive to adhere a large piece of felt. Allow this to dry as well. Be sure to cut the felt to the size of your insert. Once your pieces are dry, you can put the insert back into the frame to make your DIY felt board.

I was dreading this assignment, because the idea of cutting felt seemed like a long and tedious process. However, while I was looking up ideas on Pinterest I ran across this fabulous tutorial on Make it Cozee that taught me the secret to cutting felt. When it comes to creating a felt story board, you will want to find a pattern to print out. Unless you are naturally artistic, then you can just draw your artwork directly onto the freezer paper.

The side with the paper finish is where you want to trace the art. Put your freezer paper on top of the photo that you printed out and trace it with a marker. Next you will cut out the drawings and iron each piece onto the correct color of felt. I wanted my cake you look like a chocolate cake so I ironed it onto a brown piece of felt.

And peel the freezer paper off. So if you want to make 5 more cakes, then just iron the shape onto another piece of felt.

It will stick again!! Here are all my cake pieces finished. Blow one out, blow on candle then there are 3. Blow one out, blow on candle then there are 2. Blow out one, blow on candle Then there are none. Remember Me. Lost your password? Activities Activities See all. Preschool Passover Activities. Stained Glass Chalk Art. Art See all. Crafts See all. Holidays See all. Printables See all. Recipes See all.

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